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    Quality Senior Living Award WINNERS

    FCOA extends their sincere appreciation to Florida Power & Light for their sponsorship of the Quality Senior Living Awards

    Marion E. Richsmann, Super Senior
    Samuel Kaminsky

    Fran Sutcliffe, Super Senior

    Louis Straguzzi, Super Senior
    Charles Bishop 
    Pensacola News-Journal, Media
    WFLA - Tampa, Media
    Channel 9 - Largo, Media

    Dr. M.B. Gillman, Super Senior
    Robert "Pete" Griffin
    Elders Institute, FIU Service to Seniors
    Grant Segall, Ft. Lauderdale
    News/Sentinel, Media, WTSP-TV, Channel 10,
    St. Petersburg Media - Television
    Florida Power & Light Company, Community Star
    Dr. Irving Vinger, Special Merit

    Mary Primus Ware Childs, Super Senior
    Bailey's Shopping Service/ Mike and Sue Bailey, Service to Seniors
    Channel 10, Ft. Lauderdale, Media

    Lew Petzold, Super Senior
    Charles Powell
    Ida M. Stevens Foundation, Service to Seniors
    WFXL-TV Tampa/St. Pete, Media

    Irene Hinson, Super Senior
    Brother William Geenen, Service to Seniors
    Randy Robertson, Orlando Area Advertising Fed., Media

    Elizabeth Over Bradley, Super Senior
    Florida Power & Light Company, Media
    Intergenerational Law Advocacy Project, Service to Seniors

    Felix Miga, Super Senior
    Vladimir Enisman, M.D. Service to Seniors -
    Jacksonville Assn. of Realtors, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Don E. MacCullough - WLRN-TV, Miami, Media

    Betty K. Phillipoff, Super Senior
    Dr. Raymond Spanjer, Service to Seniors -
    Holly Hill National Junior Honor Society, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Judith Levy, Media

    Dr. Jack Kassan, Super Senior
    Mary Foor Berkowitz, Service to Seniors
    Ethel Closson, Service to Seniors
    Florida Power Corp,. Service to Seniors -
    William March - Tampa Tribune Media 
    Al Green - Continental Cablevision of Broward, Media 
    Helen J. Blue, Outstanding FCOA Member - Individual
    Franklin Co. Sr. Citizens Council, Outstanding FCOA Member - Organizational

    Charlotte Brayer, Super Senior
    George Dunton, Service to Seniors - Individual
    N. Dade - N. Miami Rotary Club, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Claire F. Mitchel - Miami Herald, Media 
    Thelma Tharp, Media
    William Henebry, Outstanding FCOA Member - Individual
    Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Centers, Outstanding FCOA Member -Organizational

    Mrs. Arnolta J. “Mama” Williams, Super Senior
    Betty Brown, Service to Seniors - Individual
    Barnett Bank of Pinellas County, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Cynda Mort - St. Pete Times, Media
    Language of the Heart/Paul Rothman, Media
    Sara Sealey Morrill, Outstanding Member-
    Vis-A-Vis Program of the COA of Volusia County, Outstanding Member- Organizational

    Dr. Estelle Witzling-Moskowitz, Super Senior
    Judge Irving Cypen, Service to Seniors -
    First United Methodist Church (Ocala), Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Lee Memorial Hospital, Media
    Fran Kramer & Tessa Macaulay, Outstanding FCOA Member

    Joseph Mazza, M.D., Super Senior
    Roy G. Dorrance, D.O., Service to Seniors -
    Florida Atlantic Chapter of the Elfun Society, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    The Senior Connection/ Kathy J. Beck, Media
    Ruth R. Lovejoy, Outstanding FCOA Member

    Norman Abramowitz, Super Senior
    Theresa Hunsberger, Service to Seniors -
    Lutheran Ministries of Florida, Inc., Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Seniors Today, Media

    Helen Brewer, Super Senior
    Lillian Goodman, Service to Seniors - Individual
    Pilot Club of Sumter County, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Suncoast News "Senior Years", Media
    John B. Clark, Outstanding FCOA Member - Individual
    North Broward Hospital District, Outstanding FCOA Member - Organizational

    Mamie Bostic, Super Senior
    Florida Care Giver Magazine, Media
    Sarah Pinkleton Elrod Service to Seniors -
    Pilot Club of Sumter County, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Margery Cunningham, Outstanding FCOA

    Honey Shapiro, Super Senior
    Margaret Bealin, Service to Seniors - Individual
    Denny's Restaurant #1859,
    Kissimmee Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Lindsay Peterson, Media

    Alison Titus, Intergenerational Service
    Tell-A-Gram Program, Intergenerational Service
    Bon Secours Maria Manor Nursing
    and Rehabilitation Center, Outstanding FCOA

    Albert Winchell, Super Senior
    Dolores M. Fry, Service to Seniors - Individual
    Lynn Haven United Methodist
    Church's "Hardly Able
    Construction Crew", Service to Seniors -
    Sue Straughn, WEAR-TV Media
    Patricia A. Victor, Outstanding FCOA Member
    Rocky Creek Reading Buddies of the Rocky Creek Retirement Village, Intergenerational
    Service Award

    El (Elwood) Thalheimer, Super Senior
    Joseph Clay Meux, Service to Seniors - Individual
    School of Adult and Community Education at the South Florida Community College, Service to Seniors - Organizational
    Dick Edelen, Seniors for Seniors Television Show Media
    John Stokesberry, Outstanding FCOA Member
    Can Do Mentor Program, Intergenerational
    Service Award

    Lois Chappelle, Super Senior
    Ellen Young, Service to Seniors by a Volunteer
    City of St. Petersburg, Service to Seniors by
    an Organization
    Alliance for Aging Public Relations and Marketing Partnership Workgroup, Senior Vision Media
    Kathy Arrant, Outstanding FCOA Member
    The Hospice of Southwest Florida Teen Volunteer Program, Intergenerational Service

    H. Bernard Lodge, Super Senior
    Saimi Johnson
    Robert Tomasulo, Service to Seniors by a Volunteer (2 winners)
    Quigley House, Inc., Service to Seniors by
    an Organization
    Stephen Nohlgren, Senior Vision Media
    Fely Curva, Outstanding FCOA Member
    Georgette Thomas, Intergenerational Service

    Edith C. Bush, Super Senior
    Roberta Huffman, Service to Seniors by a Volunteer
    Exchange Club of the Jacksonville Beaches, Service to Seniors by an Organization
    Manatee Education Television (METV), Senior Vision Media
    Zoila Martinez, Intergenerational Service
    Carol Colleran, Outstanding FCOA Member

    William Kling, Super Senior
    Rao Musunur,u Service to Seniors by a Volunteer
    City of Largo Police Department, Service to Seniors by an Organization
    Lucienne de Wette, Senior Vision Media
    RSVP Tale Tellers, Intergenerational Service
    Sue Maxwell, Outstanding FCOA Member

    Joyce Boore, Super Senior
    Sandy Klein, Service to Seniors by a Volunteer
    Dunedin Committee On Aging, Service to Seniors by an Organization
    Council on Aging of West Florida, Senior Vision Media
    Jamie Runyons, Intergenerational Service
    Beverly Hougland, Outstanding FCOA Member

    Harriette Mann, Super Senior
    Pati Bryan, Service to Seniors by a Volunteer
    Church of the Ascension, Service to Seniors by
    An Organization
    Senior Friendship Centers, Senior Vision Media
    and Focused Films
    Yolanda Beckworth, Intergenerational Service
    Austin R. Curry, Outstanding FCOA Member

    Joseph Steckler, Super Senior
    Dr. Albert Resnick, Service to Seniors by a Volunteer
    West Palm Beach Housing Authority, Service to Seniors by An Organization
    Growing Bolder Media Group, Senior Vision Media Award
    The 100 Black Men of Jacksonville, Intergenerational Service
    Jay Morgan, Outstanding FCOA Member

    Joanne Hickox, Public Service 
    Bay Area Legal Services, Service to Seniors by an Organization
    Joseph Steckler, Senior Vision Media 
    Donna Jacobi, Outstanding FCOA Member

    Gail Camputaro, Outstanding FCOA Member
    Joey Weisbaum, Public Service 
    Citrus Builders Care, Inc., Service to Seniors by an Organization 
    Marion County Senior Services, Senior Vision Media

    Larry Polivka, PhD, Outstanding FCOA Member
    Polk County Sheriff's Office/Citizen's Patrol, Public Service 
    Hillsborough County Consumer Protection Agency, Service to Seniors by an Organization 
    Beth Ruchlin, Senior Vision Media

    Ellen Campbell, Outstanding FCOA Member
    Luis Fresquez, Lake Placid,, Public Service 
    Home builders Association of West Florida, Service to Seniors by an Organization 
    COA Communications, St. Augustine, Senior Vision Media

    John Clark, Pensacola, Dr. Carter Osterbind Outstanding FCOA Member
    Mildred Musho, Ocala, Public Service
    Sun City Center Emergency Squad, Sun City Center, Service to Seniors by an Organization 
    David Levy, Coconut Creek, Senior Vision Media

    Maureen Kelly, Tampa, Dr. Carter Osterbind Outstanding FCOA Member Award
    Andrea Flannery & Nancy M. Grabowski, Ocala, Public Service Award
    Munroe Auxiliary, Inc., Ocala, Service to Seniors by an Organization Award
    Health Foundation of South Florida, Miami, Senior Vision Media Award

    Max Rothman, Miami, Dr. Carter Osterbind Outstanding FCOA Member Award
    The Senior Life Foundation, Jacksonville, Public Service Award
    Town of Cutler Bay, Service to Seniors by an Organization Award
    Ana Veciana-Suarez, Senior Vision Media Award

    Bob Carter, Sarasota, Dr. Carter Osterbind Outstanding FCOA Member Award
    Patricia Robbins, Homestead, Public Service Award
    Sharon R. Bock, Esq, Clerk & Comptroller, West Palm Beach, Service to Seniors by an Organization Award
    Cares, Inc., Hudson, and Gulfside Hospice & Pasco Palliative Care, Land O'Lakes, Senior Vision Media Award