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    The Second Decade

    1965 - 1975

    In 1965, focus continued on regional meetings and a conference on health, insurance, and medical care for the aging was held September 19-21 at East Ridge in Miami. Another major conference that year took place in Clearwater and featured a study in volunteer public service (the "Clearwater Study"). This focused on the role and use of volunteers in the community.

    In 1966, AgeWise was on a more stable footing than ever before. Under Title IV of the Older Americans Act, FCOA was given a monetary grant for three years by the Commission on Aging, and this helped with publication costs, which had been a problem in years past.

    The major project of 1967 was a regional conference on "Social Service Needs of Patients in Long Term Facilities", sponsored by the State Board of Health and other sponsoring agencies.

    By 1969, FCOA had begun to reach out to local communities through cooperation with local agencies. In 1969 and 1970, plans for regional educational seminars, in addition to annual meetings, were built into the Council's planned activities. In 1971, FCOA passed a resolution which furthered legislation establishing a Florida State Licensure program for nursing home administrators. This action stimulated the already developing interest of the Council's membership in legislation and resulted in a standing committee on legislation being added to the Council's structure. 

    In 1971, a seminar on retirement education, co-sponsored by FCOA and the Adult Education section of the Department of Education, resulted in an ongoing agreement between the Council and DOE on the educational needs of the elderly. Emmett Roberts, director of the Division of Family Services, gave FCOA $2,000 in 1971 to continue publishing AgeWise for two years.

    A federal Title III grant "To Develop County Councils on Aging Throughout Florida" was provided to the Florida Council on Aging in 1972. The project started in March 1972, but was terminated December 31, 1972 because the feds charged that it was an illegal use of funds since such activities were a normal activity of the State Office on Aging. By the time the project was canceled, 32 county councils had been established. Another positive factor coming out of this project was that FCOA had to develop a sound personnel policy, which continued to be used when opportunities made it possible for the Council to hire staff.

    During the sixties, and until 1974, FCOA held its annual meetings in conjunction with the Southern Gerontological Conference in Gainesville. In 1974, FCOA decided to hold the meeting elsewhere in order to encourage increased membership statewide