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    Trustees of the Florida Council on Aging Elected in 1955

    Joel Hunter
    City: Clearwater

    Mark Adams
    City: St. Petersburg

    Louis Schroeder
    City: St. Petersburg

    Americus Escuder
    City: Tampa

    John Allen
    City: Gainesville

    Margaret Jacks
    City: Jacksonville

    Clayton Codrington
    City: Jacksonville

    Walter Keyes
    City: Tallahassee

    Thomas Stanton Dietrich
    City: Tallahassee

    Tom Leap
    City: Tallahassee

    Louis Amato
    City:  Ft. Lauderdale

    Robert Kleemeir
    City: Orange Park

    Chas Andrews
    City: Orlando

    Betty Rubin
    City: Pensacola

    Malcolm Ross
    City: Miami

    Charles Davidson
    City: Miami

    Mrs. Harold Wayne
    City: Ft. Lauderdale

    Dr. Gordon Ring
    City: Miami